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Due to family health issues, we have been unable to take this project where it needed to go. Therefore, we are selling this asset.

Regarding issues with the update api for current subscriptions, we are investigating to determine why there are issues. We may change the way our updates are handled. In which case, we will advise how to obtain an updated version of our plugin so that you can use verify the license. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. 

For the time being, we have disabled the ticket system. This should be restored in the next day or so. We have been slammed with denial of service attacks which have resulted in our needing to take more proactive measures to mitigate server issues.

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There may come a time when WP Leads Press will no longer work with WordPress, as Gutenberg becomes more invasive in WordPress core.

If you wish to use WP Leads Press, it may be necessary, eventually, be better to migrate to ClassicPress.

ClassicPress is a hard fork of WordPress without Gutenberg, and is focusing on businesses.

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