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Lead Generation, Sales and Team Building System

The WPLP System is incredibly versatile, giving you many options for the type of website you want to run. WPLP is a framework which can be used for numerous types of websites, for example, it is the tool Tuned Hosting uses to build their 10 Level Forced Network Affiliate program, distributing sales and affiliates to affiliates actively sending traffic to their affiliate program links, using WPLP to power the distribution and traffic generation system for their network of affiliates.

Some Examples of what you could use WPLP for:

  • As a paid service for the marketing WPLP system, with multiple teams and for multiple companies (With any membership plugin integration)
  • As a FREE team build and lead generation tool for a single organization, for one or more companies with or without paid co-op marketing campaigns
  • As an add on to your affiliate program, providing replicated landing pages for your affiliates to help sell your own products, currently integrated with Affiliates by allowing you to run unilevel or matrix compensation payouts.
    • Run your own MLM!
  • More? (Use your imagination!)

Using WP Leads Press

Using WP Leads Press you turn your WordPress pages into landing pages to promote as many products, companies or sites as you desire, using a standard WordPress page or a more complex landing page using a landing page plugin – your choice, all of your users will have referral links for each landing page you create and any leads they personally generate are always assigned to them with the lead will being redirected to the user’s sign up page for each company you are promoting automatically.

Random traffic from search engines etc will be distributed to your users based on the settings you choose:

  • Max Random Leads – Number of leads each user is given from random traffic without referring leads or members to site themselves
  • Personal Leads Required – Number of personally referred leads a user must generate before given bonus random leads
  • Personal Member Required – Number of personally referred members of site a user must generate before given bonus random leads
  • Personal Visits Required – Number of personally referred visitors to site a user must generate before given bonus random leads
  • Personal Leads Bonus – Number of leads a user is given when they reach the required number of personally referred leads
  • Personal Members Bonus – Number of leads a user is given when they reach the required number of personally referred members
  • Personal Visits Bonus – Number of leads a user is given when they reach the required number of personally referred members
  • More bonus settings coming soon!

This type of system creates a lot of activity on your site and drives traffic to your sign up pages of your team for the company you are promoting.

Features of WP Leads Press

  • Promote Unlimited Companies
  • Paid option to receive leads with ANY Membership Plugin integration.
  • Run co-op marketing where only co-op members get leads from specific marketing campaigns
  • Internal email system with unsubscribe option
  • 3rd Party Autoresponder Integration
    • API’s: Aweber and GetResponse, plus more to be added!
    • Form Code Integration with 99% of all others!
  • Create unlimited campaigns for each Company (Send traffic to multiple sign up URL’s for each Company)
  • Create unlimited landing pages to promote each Company, product or website
  • Manage all leads from admin or individually from front end of site as member.
  • Create Custom Lead Statuses for showing what stage of contact you are in with the lead, i.e. first contact, Send Email, Future Call, etc. The statuses can be customized as you see fit.
  • Referral links use ‘usernames’ for tracking visits to your site, i.e.
    • Create Replicated landing pages for your team
  • Simple setup – Shortcode to insert for your Lead Dashboard, other shortcodes are optional, more being added including a widget to show top visitor, lead and member sign ups etc.
    • We are designing WPLP to be simple to setup and easy to use for you and your members.
  • Can be run either as a stand alone marketing platform for a single user or as a cooperative lead and traffic generation system for an entire team promoting one to unlimited companies
  • Ready for language translation
    • POT, MO Files in /Languages folder
  • Manage members – edit opportunity settings, block users from receiving random leads, etc.
  • Uni-level and Forced Network/Matrix placement options for team building
    • Expanding Forced Matrix
    • Forced Matrix
    • Matrix
    • Uni-level

Requirements To Run

  • WordPress 4.4+ installed on your site
  • PHP 5.4+ (You really should NOT be running on a PHP 5.4 server for security, speed and many other reasons go with 5.6+.)
  • That is IT!


Works With All Other Plugins

WP Leads Press has no known issues with any other plugins and is designed to run independently of other plugins. It also works well with several other useful plugins such as OptimizePress and Instapages Plugins and other for creating landing pages easily and membership plugins like S2Member, Wishlist Member and more to help you build feature rich team build websites and more.


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