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New Ownership, New Management

New Ownership, New Management

In the interest of transparency and complying with United States law, we are making it clear that, effective May 03, 2017, this business, site, content, products and related code are wholly owned by Multi Services Co-op. Multi Services Co-op is not affiliated with or associated, in any way, with Rick Weston, Tuned Hosting dot com,┬áTuned […]

WP Leads Press Website Reincarnated: Due To Data Loss by Previous Hosting Company

Wow, it has been a crazy couple weeks here! Back on 6.17.2015 our webhosting company, or should I say… former webhost, terminated our account one day before our payment was scheduled to be paid by arrangement with them for our hosting account and off site backups. Our previous terminated rather than suspending our account, deleting […]