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New Ownership, New Management

New Ownership, New Management

In the interest of transparency and complying with United States law, we are making it clear that, effective May 03, 2017, this business, site, content, products and related code are wholly owned by Multi Services Co-op. Multi Services Co-op is not affiliated with or associated, in any way, with Rick Weston, Tuned Hosting dot com,┬áTuned […]

Landing Page Opt-In Not Working After WordPress Update?

We have received a few reports that after the latest WordPress Update, opt-ins are not working properly when using our HTML Form Code. To fix this issue right away, just replace the following: <input type=”hidden” name=”wplp_campaign” value=”[wplp_selected_campaign]”> <input type=”hidden” name=”wplp_landing_page” value=”[wplp_landing_page]”> with: <input type=”hidden” name=”wplp_campaign” value=”ID#”> <input type=”hidden” name=”wplp_landing_page” value=”ID#”> Where ‘ID#’ is equal to […]