WP Leads Press Changelog

Version – 8/8/2016

1. Bugs: Fixed various minor bugs and typos.

Version 1.3 – 7/27/2016

1. Feature: Added integration with iDevAffiliate affiliate software to allow tracking of visitors using either iDev or WPLP links, cross tracking between both systems. Will add ‘active network’ and ‘orphans to upline’ functionality as what the ‘Itthinx Affiliates’ integration uses in next minor update, version set to be released after testing is complete later this week or next.

2. Bugs: Fixed various minor typos and other minor system bugs.

3. Feature: Updated bonus starting leads value so that when set to ‘0’ no leads are given to a user when they sign up, forcing users to earn leads from system rather than being given X amount to start, also changed designation for unlimited leads from ‘0’ to ‘-1’ for obvious reason… πŸ˜‰

Version – 12/18/2015

1. Bug: Fixed improper content error on opt-in form submission due to changes in WordPress core and how URL variables are to be passed in $_POST


Changelog Missing Data

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1. Tweak: Adjusted licensing routine, reducing license checks.


1. Bug: Adjusted effect of ‘override’ setting for the Landing Page display, only showing landing pages which are also named in ‘company’ setting of the wplp_dashboard and wplp_landing_pages shortcodes.

Version (“MOJO”)

1. Tweak: Added toggle to turn on and off the display of campaign destination url’s as links to click for joining an affiliate program, allowing you to only display the link or links you desire in Affiliate settings section.

(IMPORTANT! Please edit and save all campaigns to enable dest url to be visible or not visible on Affiliate Settings screen, otherwise links will be hidden until you save with new option value selected.)

2. Tweak: Added ‘override’ variable to the WPLP Dashboard, Affiliate Settings and Landing Page shortcodes, used specifically for integration with membership plugins, allowing you to create Companies and campaigns which only paid members or members of specific membership level can access.

3. Feature: Added generic referral of “rotation”, now traffic sent to landing pages using “rotation” as referral source,, will rotate traffic to all qualified members overriding the normal bonus lead settings. This allows you to run a site with free access to the system with users earning more free leads and traffic by referring leads and traffic AND you can setup co-op campaigns which only paid members of each campaign can receive an unlimited number of random or bonus leads and traffic.

4. Tweak: Adjusted Bonus Leads display shortcode to show Unlimited Lead status etc., based on Lead Settings in WPLP.

5. Feature: Added ability to set random members, when they register, as ‘top level’ members who are not under another user, direct to system, setting under ‘Registration Settings’. This allows you to sell the lead and traffic system to your members as a marketing system which any team can join, not just a single team build website. (Boom, who do you love? πŸ™‚ )

6. Feature: Added ‘Default User’ setting under ‘Registration Settings’, this allows you to set the user who’s join links etc will be shared with new members who are ‘top level’ members, i.e. they are not placed under any other members in the system.

7. Tweak: Code cleanup, streamlining and organization.

Coming next version update,… 3rd party autoresponder integration!


1. Tweak: Updated licensing callback to only require check during initiation of WPLP and only once per X number of days.


1. Tweak: Updated licensing callback to first check that key and email are set prior to attempting licensing check.


IMPORTANT: New Licensing System, current owners of WP Leads Press should have received email instructions for this update.

1. Tweak: Added ability to give random leads and traffic only to selected users as alternative to giving out random leads and traffic to all members.
2. Tweak: New licensing system, moved plugin to, please see email about this update or open a support ticket with your account at


1. Bug: Fixed home page loading list of posts rather than the actual static home home page issue.
2. Bug/Tweak: Added {MEMBER-EMAIL} replacement code to Lead Upgraded to Member email, replacing the incorrect {REF-MEMBER-EMAIL} code.


1. Tweak: Added ability to select companies you want to show leads to the wplp_lead_list shortcode.
2. Bug: Fixed warning message for missing argument error showing on wplp_dashboard shortcode.
3. Tweak: Various code cleanup and optimizations.


1. Bug: Fixed jQuery issue where form buttons from other plugins where being interfered with by WPLP.
2. Feature: Added ‘Internal Redirect’ option to landing pages, now you can send a visitor to another page on your site before sending them to you the destination URL of the campaign. Then on the second page you send them to you would then add a campaign link shortcode to send them do the destination url.
3. Feature: Added ‘company’ setting to Landing Pages Short Code to only display landing pages for selected companies. Will also be adding to Lead Display shortcode in next update.


1. Tweak: Now join links on the affiliate settings page show the first active referrer in ‘upline’ tree who is active in each company. Soon when a member below a member who has not joined a company, joins a company in which their ‘upline’ hasn’t joined, a message will be sent to the user who has not joined the company yet to let them know they missed a paid member because they have not upgraded yet.
2. Bug: Fixed lead company name to show Title rather than the ‘slug’ in both the admin and front end user lead list.


1. Bug: Fixed issue with updating landing pages to show active pages on landing page display.
2. Bug: Fixed issue with only showing companies with active campaigns on affiliate ID settings page.
3. Tweak: Various code cleanup for shortcodes and core code.


1. Tweak: Minor patch, code cleanup for Affiliate ID and Landing Pages Shortcodes.


NOTE: You may need to view your campaigns page and update landing pages you want shown in your leads dashboard before they will properly show for the first time after updating.

1. Bug: Fixed issue with localize script warning message.
2. Tweak: Campaigns Can now be set to not show in Lead Dashboard/Landing Pages, allowing for private campaigns to be used by the admin.
3. Tweak: If Landing Page is not set to be shown, it will not show in Lead Dashboard/Landing Pages, this allows for private landing pages to be used and not shown to other members.
4. Tweak: Adjusted logic for who can receive a random lead to allow any member who is Administrator to always be eligible to receive leads, if user has not set Affiliate ID for a program that a lead is generated on, unlikely as Admins shouldn’t be that… ‘silly’, an email letting the Admin know they need to set their Affiliate ID will be sent, however this keeps system from ever having a situation where there is not a single user to give a lead to.
5. Tweak: Adjusted logic for selecting a random user from the database to give a lead to when not referred by a member, streamlining the process so that large databases of users have nearly ZERO reduction in efficiency.


1. Bug: Fixed issue with non referred traffic being assigned to users who have not entered their Affiliate ID’s, error introduced when AJAX implemented for opt-in forms.
2. Feature: Updated wplp_dashboard shortcode, switching to tabbed layout.
3. Feature: wplp_lead_list shortcode, shows logged in user’s leads.
4. Feature: wplp_affiliate_settings, shows logged in user’s.
5. Feature: wplp_landing_pages, shows logged in user’s landing pages.
6. Feature: wplp_bonus_leads, shows the bonus leads available to user and how to earn more.


1. Bug: Fixed AJAX calls not working when called as logged out user for lead creation routine.


IMPORTANT: This update will require you to update your shortcodes and opt-in codes for your landing pages.

1. Tweak: Complete redesign of create lead and traffic redirect routines to use AJAX when available and modified form action.
2. Tweak: Modified short code for campaign links to not require the landing page and campaign to be entered as variables.
3. Tweak: Modified Opt-in code to use shortcodes for retrieving campaign and landing page id’s,Β when the opt-in code is pasted into a normal WP page, if another plugin is used to create the landing page, you may need to still manually enter your Landing Page and Campaign ID’s
4. Tweak: Modified show ref member shortcode to properly display the referring members display name when new visitor first views site and cookie has not yet been set. Members choose their display name in their user profiles, if no display name has been set, the username is used.

Next update will be focused on the Lead Dashboard, completely redesigning the way information is updated, using AJAX, also separating each section out into individual shortcodes which can be used on individual pages or all together on a single page.


1. Tweak: Adjusted create-lead.php, traffic-redirect.php and unsubscribe-lead.php to be more compatible with HostGator and Godaddy Servers.
2. Feature: New Shortcode, wplp_show_ref_member, shows the referring member display name.


1. Tweak: Adjusted check for PHP version to also check for version of ionCube installed on server to ensure proper file is selected for PHP and ionCube loader version requirements.
2. Bug: Fixed save button on edit member form.
3. Feature: New Shortcode wplp_affiliate_settings company=”1,2,3,4,5″, shortcode will either display all or only the selected companies for affiliates to enter their affiliate ID’s, we will be converting all sections of the lead dashboard into separate sections and shortcodes over the next few days and also restructuring how data is saved, using AJAX versus regular form submission to fix issue on some servers not allowing for internal page redirects.


1. Tweak: Added check for servers running PHP <5.3 allowing for legacy support for servers such as hostgator servers running PHP 5.2. (Note: You should update to PHP 5.3 for security reasons)


1. Bug: Fixed counts for all tracking not updating correctly.
2. Tweak: adjusted output in lead dashboard earn leads section
3. Tweak: updated POT file for translation.


1. Bug: Fixed landing page and campaign ID’s not populating in opt-in form and campaign link shortcodes.
2. Bug: Fixed blocked users getting leads error.


1. Tweak: Updated plugin options pages framework.
2. Feature: Plugin can now be internationalized using WPML plugin( and related plugins. πŸ˜‰
3. Tweak: Removed dependency on WP_List_Tables CLASS, internalizing to plugin for future safe development.
4. Bug: Fixed display errors for number of leads required, updated logic to work correctly.


1. Feature: Added System Emails for new lead, member who gets lead and for members who have not updated their Tracking or Affiliate ID’s.
2. Bug: Fixed issue with referred leads by blocked members being incorrectly tracked as direct referrals when assigned to a random user.
3. Bug: Fixed user getting lead when they haven’t set affiliate tracking ID for opportuniy and refer a lead to system directly.
4. Feature: Added Opportunity to the lead display in the admin and for users in Lead Display.
5. Feature: Added ‘Member’ status to default lead statuses, this is for tracking leads which convert to members, unsubscribing them from internal ‘lead’ emails.
6. Tweak: General rewrite of logic for how leads are disributed and how a user is determined to be eligible to receive leads, streamlining code to ‘think’ faster.
7. Tweak: Add use of phpMailer class from WP core as alternative to using wp_mail() (wrapper for phpMailer) and mail() a PHP core function. The phpMailer class provides smtp, html, text, attachements and many other features including better server resource management while sending emails to large lists because it can allow for the SMTP port to remail open during sending of emails, allowing for less SMTP overhead on your server. This also allows for setting up WPLP emails to be sent via third party SMTP servers.
8. Tweak: Changed terminology from Tracking Settings to Affiliate Settings.
9. Tweak: Renamed ‘Opportunity’ to ‘Company’ in plugin, making setup of system more intuitive.
10. Tweak: Added ability to change lead ownership in admin.
11. Tweak: Added owner username to lead display in admin.
12. Tweak: Multiple plugin tweaks related to how leads are managed and how we track member signups etc., this is in preparation for more advanced features to be released soon.
13. Feature: Added Unsubscribe function to system emails to new leads and PowerPress Emails, (PPE to be released in next update).


1. Bug: Fixed referrer ID not saving in Manage Members section
2. Bug: Fixed displaying more than 5 landing pages issue in lead dashboard.
3. Tweak: changed landing page URL’s to always show as /?ref=username rather than ?ref=username, this is to be copy and paste ready for skype and other picky services… πŸ˜‰


1. Bug: Fixed improper redirect for home page referral links.


1. Bug: Fixed campaign dropdown selection to show more than 10 campaigns.


1. Tweak: Adjusted cookie setting routine to improve page load speeds on home page loads etc.
2. Bug: Headers already sent error resolved in lead dashboard.
3. Tweak: Code cleanup, random error notices resolved etc.


1. Bug: Fixed incorrect totals for requirements in the ‘earn leads’ section.

Version 1.0.7

1. Tweak: Added ‘traling value’ to settings for campaigns, allowing system to redirect traffic to urls with special structures like, or other structures where there is a value added to the end of the URL after the tracking or userID of the URL.
2. Tweak: Added selection for https in campaign settings for destination domain.
3. Feature: Added requirement to have tracking id set in order to receive a lead or traffic, in next version we will add custom email to be sent to user letting them know they missed out on a lead and instructing them to enter their tracking ID’s. Tracking ID’s will also be confirmed by referring user in later version, prior to user being allowed to recieve leads or traffic, this will be an optional check.
4. Tweak: Shortcodes and other link now properly setup for subfolder installations of WordPress.
5. Tweak: General code cleanup.

Version 1.0.6

1. Feature: Added registration option to require custom registration code during registration. Simply set code and have members give code to thier personal signups to restrict membership to members of opportunity you are promoting only. Works with or without buddypress enabled.
2. Feature: Lead dashboard shows active bonus settings in the earn leads section, if they are set to off they no longer display.
3. Feature: Added tracking for traffic sent to site by members, allowing bonus leads to be awarded for traffic sent.
4. Feature: Added Shortcode [wplp_registration_code_] to display code required for new users to register on your site, this is used to lock down site to a members only site.

Version 1.0.5

1. Tweak: Set cookie for referrer when random lead is assigned to a user, used to track when they become a registered member.
2. Feature: Added shortcode [wplp_campaign_link_] to display ‘join’ button without requiring user to fill in name and email, does not crate a ‘lead’, sends user to destination url of campaign with correct sign up or join link.

Version 1.0.4

1. Bug: Fixed issue with counts of number of leads or members referred showing a negative number and not advancing correctly.
2. Tweak: Added sponsor’s sign up links to the Tracking Settings page to easily show links for users to sign up in additioanal opportunities.
3. Tweak: General code clean up.

Version 1.0.3

1. Bug: Solved bug with landing pages not directing to opportunity url correctly on some configurations.

Version 1.0.2

1. Bug: Solved server compatibility issues.

Version 1.0.1

1. Tweak: Internal function tweaks.

Verson 1.0.0

1. Initial release