WP Leads Press 1.3 – iDevAffiliate Integration – Coming Soon!

Version 1.3 of our plugin is currently in testing at www.tunedhosting.com, after a ‘burn in’ on our live site with a 10 level affiliate program to distribute leads to our affiliates and fixing any bugs which may come up, we will release the update to you for download.

We are likely going to shift our development of WP Leads Press away from public to private, meaning we will likely stop selling WP Leads Press to the public and will ONLY release updates to our current clients. We will be using the WPLP software to build our 10 level affiliate program at Tuned Hosting and releasing updates frequently to current license holders with all the features we build for our own sales organization at Tuned Hosting.

A win-win for everyone, you as a current client get a solid product with real world development and we can focus on building both the software and the Tuned Hosting brand more effectively.

While we haven’t 100% committed to the change from public to private development of the WPLP plugin, it seems only fair to notify any potential clients prior to the change should they be waiting to purchase the plugin, we wouldn’t want you to miss out just because we decided to abruptly close our doors to the public like ‘Willy Wonka’ and vanish out of site without a word…

We will notify everyone here publicly should we decide to stop selling the plugin to the public to give any potential clients time to make a purchase prior.