WP Leads Press Update: Pre-Release Details

WP Leads Press 1.3 – Pre-Release Details

We have some exciting new features for WP Leads Press which will be released soon, including:

  • Use of landing pages from other WordPress powered domains.
    • Use WPLP on central site with landing pages from other domains your affiliates can use to market
    • Enables you to use vanity domains for marketing your main domain
  • Various bug fixes and feature enhancements
    • We have been working on a whole bunch of minor bug fixes and feature enhancements we have received from our clients. (Thank you BTW!)
  • Integration with iDevAffiliate management software for tracking affiliate commissions, using WPLP to manage team distribution of traffic, leads, member signups etc.

These features are currently under testing and will be released to the public sometime during the month of December, likely the last week of the month.

So get ready many more power features are coming to help with your team building!


  • Cool, sounds great will idevaffiliate replace having to use the wordpress affiliates plugin??

    • The iDevaffiliate integration does not replace the Itthinx.com ‘Affiliates’ plugin integration, it adds another option you as the site owner can use to run your affiliate program and provides other shopping cart integration options, etc.

  • would love to see a custom income stream integration for personal affiliates. i want to offer it as a upgrade where people can activate there own income stream with there own video.. a shortcode that allows for both to be added would be cool

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