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WP Leads Press Update for WordPress 4.4

The recent update of WordPress, version 4.4, caused a few issues with some of the core functions of WP Leads Press prior to version

To correct, simply update WP Leads Press, then you must update any landing page which is using the WPLP HTML Opt-in code, this is the copy and paste code found in WPLP Settings when creating a WordPress page. The opt-in code has been updated to comply with new WordPress content filtering for URL strings, etc.

Just copy and paste it again and you will be all set when using our opt-in code for creating your landing pages.

For those of you using other plugins to create your landing plugins such as OptimizePress, you would want to update the opt-in form as well.

What Changed

The requirements for input fields to properly designate the data as string or integer before sending as a URL variable… at least that is the best definition we could come up with for the changes as the WordPress team sometimes does things that don’t seem to be very well documented, despite the HUGE CODEX and this just happens to be one of those instances… We actually spent days researching trying to find the reason for why the errors were being thrown, digging through WP Core Code, before finding the solution….

The Opt-in code snip in question:

OLD Code:

<input type=”hidden” name=”wplp_campaign” value=”[wplp_selected_campaign]”>
<input type=”hidden” name=”wplp_landing_page” value=”[wplp_landing_page]”>

NEW Code:

<input type=”hidden” name=”wplp_campaign” value=[wplp_selected_campaign]>
<input type=”hidden” name=”wplp_landing_page” value=[wplp_landing_page]>

As you can see the only difference is the lack of “”, quotations, which previous to the last update… worked perfectly and did not throw off an error, after WordPress updated to 4.4, the above changes became necessary.

Basically WordPress no longer likes the value of the inputs to be quoted if the value is a number, the returned value of the [wplp_selected_campaign] and [wplp_landing_page] shortcodes is an integer, i.e. number… and only posting the values using non quoted for the value entry is the only solution which works.

The Next Update 1.3

We will be releasing version 1.3 later this month or the start of next month, featuring integration with the iDevAffiliate Afiliate Software for running your own affiliate or multi-tiered affiliate program.

This integration is great for those looking to run a really robust affiliate program and use WP Leads Press to distribute leads, sales and other affiliates to your company affiliate team.

The next big feature is the ability to have a centralized site for your affiliates which uses multiple other domain landing pages to generate traffic to the main/central site. For example, you want to market, yoursite.com and have WPLP installed on that site, then you have multiple other domains you have created landing pages on which you can then allow your affiliate team to use for marketing, all of which will properly track traffic to the main site for leads etc.


Now with version 1.3, when released, you will have even more marketing power with the ability to wagon wheel your marketing sites/pages and remove domains which lose their marketing appeal, i.e. get blocked on Facebook, etc. to swap out for new landing pages/domains your affiliates can use for marketing your main website.

Along with many enhancements to current features and minor bug fixes, version 1.3 promises to be a very exciting release and should prove to be an amazing recruiting tool for you and your team of affiliates, either as someone building a team for an existing company or for building a team of affiliates for your own online business.



  • sweet.. a leaderboard feature would be nice.. and awesome new upgrades. thanks for updating..

    • The leader board feature is on the list, i.e. top referrer, top member signups, etc.

  • When removing the “” around the campaign and landing page number then updating my landing pages. The “” comes back automatically for some reason. I created a new page as well. Same thing happens. The quotations keep coming back around the campaign number and landing page number.

    Tried many different things, the “” wont go away. 🙁 lol

    • Gene,

      The “” won’t go away from… where? I.e. are you saying the code you input in the WordPress editor isn’t changing after saving or the HTML output on the page when you view the source code has the “”?

      Is the landing page performing properly? If so… you are all set… If not then we need to take a closer look of course. 😉

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