WP Leads Press Version 1.3 – iDevAffiliate Integration – LIVE!

We have just released an update to WP Leads Press, version 1.3, which adds some new features and cleans up a few minor bugs and added a few feature tweaks to the plugin to help you team build or market more effectively with your inside sales organization such as how we use WPLP over at Tuned Hosting, with the newly released iDevAffiliate integration.

New Features

  • iDevAffiliate integration.
    • Ability to use either iDev or WPLP links to track sales!
    • Features such as ‘Orphans to Upline’ and ‘Active Distribution’ will be added in next release after testing in a week or so, version
  • Now you can set value of starting bonus leads to ‘0’ to give no leads when new users first sign up as a bonus and ‘-1’ to set to unlimited leads or a value or X to set a number of leads you want them to start with, i.e. 10 leads.

Bug Fixes

We cleaned up numerous minor typos and other bugs which popped up from testing and from various client reports, too many to list, many not even noticeable except under certain circumstances.

Special Note

Please pay attention when setting auto responder settings for your campaigns, remember that the campaign email list cannot be the same as the general auto responder list email set under the main WPLP Settings for AR Integration, they must be different lists.

The main list is for all leads to be added to for general marketing updates etc. for your entire list, the campaign lists are so you can segment your list by marketing campaign, thus having more granular control over your marketing, better targeting, etc.

If you do set them to be the same, you will get an error as you cannot add the same email to the same list over at your chosen auto responder service, the integrated GetResponse or Aweber API’s and with the HTML form integration method.