WP Leads Press Website Reincarnated: Due To Data Loss by Previous Hosting Company

Wow, it has been a crazy couple weeks here!

Back on 6.17.2015 our webhosting company, or should I say… former webhost, terminated our account one day before our payment was scheduled to be paid by arrangement with them for our hosting account and off site backups.

Our previous terminated rather than suspending our account, deleting all server data and our so called ‘off site’ backups in the process, in addition to this they also did not have their weekly backup of our VPS, which according to their terms they keep in case of server failure to restore your account.

After telling the CEO of the hosting company that I would be opening a review site to review his company, he threatened me with legal action for slander and domain squatting… WOW! First, anything I say about his company is 100% factual, no slander there and I really don’t think domain squatting applies either… second, after confronting Kushal, the CEO, about everything and letting him also know that I have copies of all documentation relating to the matter, including my conversations with him directly about it and how it shows clearly they were at fault for all losses…

They delete my client account with them, support tickets, invoices, everything…  in an attempt to hide the evidence of their wrongdoing. Of course I have copies of everything  to show I had an account with them and what happened, which will go up on my new review site, hostreviews4geeks.com… just try and get me for domain squatting, Kushal… I dare you! I will not be silenced on this matter, everyone will know exactly what their company did and how they nearly ruined my business.

Thousands of man hours of work, gone… years of client data, gone… plus the financial losses incurred by our company… devastating, crippling in fact, 10’s of thousands of dollars, gone. (I have been contacted by several clients who have asked to help out financially, thank you… If you want to help, buy another license and use it or donate to another networker in need of an amazing team building system. Thanks!)

However, with that said… we are back! Not 100% yet, however we are able to take orders, open support tickets and provide license validation help to those of you who are receiving notices that your licenses are invalid.

If your license is showing as invalid, please send in the following in a support ticket:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your purchase details from paypal
  • Your license key
  • Your email used for licensing

We will then send you a coupon to activate a new license on the system. Please allow 24 hours for response due to high amounts of clients who will need to be serviced at this time.

The site itself will need to have a ton of documentation added again as well as completely updated videos etc., please be patient as we redo work and reestablish client accounts which were lost.

BTW, this issue also prompted me to put into action a business plan I have had to run my own hosting company, called TunedHosting.com, in fact this site is running on a 4G memory, 8 CPU VPS which is a ‘Tuned Hosting’ setup… runs super fast on NginX/Apache web server, properly configured VPS, hand built and configured, not some standard installation.

Imagine being able to use shared hosting to run eCommerce sites, no dedicated IP needed and SSL capable… no need to upgrade to a VPS, in fact later tonight our sites will be on SSL on a shared IP, on our VPS… just so you can see it can be done… we will do this for our shared clients too!

I’ve partnered with a top network admin, a BIG hosting company tried to buy him out and hire him directly with them, he turned them down flat… more on that later… to run his own company and provide top tier services to his clients.

Together we are bringing RackSpace performance at a major discount, priced competitively and with an affiliate program paying on a 3×12 compensation plan… get ready to rock folks… Keep your eyes peeled for updates as we get ready to roll out our performance servers at bargain pricing!


  • Still working on getting the SSL certs installed, been working on a bunch of other back end site issues, namely how to get more accounts recovered which were lost due to our previous host’s ineptitude.

    It’s 2am here, I’ve been working nonstop it seems for days and nights to get what we have salvaged so far, thank you all for your patience during this time.

    • Yes it is… been a TON of work, first scrambling to find ANY kind of old backup we could use as a starting point to recover after spending over a week bashing our heads with Host4Geeks and their ‘support’ staff, including the CEO of the company, Kushal… only to find that not only are they outrageously inept fools at their jobs, they also don’t even follow their own terms of service, so you are thinking your data is 100% backed up and it isn’t… ouch!

      I will be 100% upfront, my payment was due on the 7th of the month for our hosting account, we were in the process of moving banking and had some financial setbacks last month and I asked for an extension on our payment to the 18th, to which they agreed… they then terminated our account on the 17th… 10 days past the original due date and 1 day before the rescheduled due date… unbelievable!

      I never imagined in a million years that they would terminate our account, I do however think it was done completely by accident, benefit of the doubt… yet they never apologized for anything, never offered any kind of compensation for our loss… zip, zero, nada… in fact the CEO blamed it on me, stating I didn’t pay my invoice and that is why they terminated the account… even though HE was the one who personally extended our payment date to the 18th… He in fact is 100% responsible for the mistake of terminating our account and our subsequent financial losses…

      I know how WHMCS works, the software which runs 90% of all hosting companies… he checked the terminate option instead of the suspend option in WHMCS… and set the incorrect date of the 17th.

      If Kushal would have just manned up and admitted he and his company made a mistake and then offered some kind of compensation, free hosting for X months ect… I would have taken it and just rebuilt everything and not worried about it, because he and his company would have done the correct thing… Instead Kushal turned me into an upset client, one who not only will accurately review his company in an effort to help other businesses like mine not suffer the same losses, I will also become his direct competition… funny thing, 2 months ago I was actually trying to partner with their company to bring a hosting program out, piggybacking on their network and expanding their client base, now I just want to CRUSH them… like a bug.

      We will take market share from them, just by running a solid company, which takes care of its clients and provides kick-ass hosting on a budget.

      Like I told my partner, I don’t care if we are the biggest hosting company out there, I just want to be the best… while companies like HostGator sell dedicated hosting which is actually virtualized VPS’s… for dedicated pricing… we on the other hand will offer actual hosting that rocks.

      With that said… back to work on this site and our other sites which must still be rebuilt.

  • Great to see you back online and most importantly full of motivation and with a clear target to reach.
    I love your determination.
    I know you are working hard and have amazing productx but more importantly you offer an amazing support to your customers. I have a lot of respect for product creators and marketers who respect their clients, subscribers and followers.
    You are at the top of my list!

    • Marc,

      Thank you so much for your very kind words! I am VERY fired up, sometimes adversity happens for a reason, perhaps God just wanted to push me to open TunedHosting.com, moving into a direction which takes all my experiences and wraps them into one business… my years of networking, software development for team building and connections throughout the industry…

      I’ve always envisioned an affiliate opportunity which was more tightly bound to the business it is representing, i.e. more cooperation and teamwork between the company and the affiliates, I think with Tuned Hosting we will be able to offer just that, where the company and the affiliates are tightly bound in a mutually beneficial relationship with each other. Tuned Hosting will do what no other company has done, provide a method for affiliates to receive sales and affiliate signups directly from the company, just by joining the affiliate program and promoting our services.

      I’m toying around with a few ideas, one is to make our affiliate program even more like a hybrid between a matrix and a unilevel, building a 12X12 expanding network, rather than just a 3X12, from non referred site traffic and then allowing for unlimited front level signups per affiliate personally. So allow for width in the compensation plan, like a unilevel and then the qualities of matrix team building to support the 12 levels of team building in a wide network, building like a unilevel and a network.

      Then for qualifiers, 3 personal referrals which are active to get paid on all 12 levels of affiliate pay. 1 for levels 1-3, 2 for levels 4-7 and 3 for levels 8-12.

      50% commission on personal sales and 20% or so paid out over the 12 levels, plus bonuses for volume. This would be on our shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated would have different payout percentages as the profit margins are much slimmer, however lucrative.

      Addon products would pay commissions also, such as SSL certs that the minimum sales price allowed by the provider is $399, we pay 50% commission on plus network pay on sales of affiliates, other SSLs $9.99, $99, $199.

      I don’t know about you, that is a bad ass comp plan for hosting… sure you can go get ‘big’ upfront commissions for signing up hosting with HG or Godaddy, if they actually pay you… my personal experience, they find any way to cancel your commission they can, I had a ton of commissions with them, never paid for various reasons, yet those hosting companies made money for the months they had the accounts, never sharing with the affiliates who made them sales.

      Tuned Hosting will pay out monthly, after 30 cancellation period on all hosting accounts monthly, you earn as we earn and don’t when we have cancellations, like it should be.

      I am so far very pleased with what we have put together in the planning stages of Tuned Hosting and also what this means for WP Leads Press as it will be used as the engine which drives sales for our affiliate program, with many enhancements being planned, including using 3rd party domain landing pages in centralized WPLP powered site for affiliates to use for marketing, separating marketing sites from main site.

  • I am glad to see you back online and everything you have planed is great but you need to support your clients you have now if your support for Tuned Hosting is anything like the support for wpleadpress you wont get launched I am a client that got you where you are today and I am not able to bet support due to your support system not allowing me to
    You do not have the capacity to open a new ticket.

    • Steve,

      Looks like your permissions were not set correctly for your role, I have updated it in the system and you will now be able to submit support tickets directly.

      I activated your downloads and a new license in your account yesterday in less than an hour after you posted your comment… even without support desk access. Please let me know if you have any further issues via the support desk.

      Thank you for your patience during this transitional time as we had quite a few loose ends to tie up in regards to systems and integrated software, such as the support desk and about 50 other integrated plugins and custom software, which was mostly lost by our previous host.

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